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A non-opinionated, customizable JavaScript framework designed for writing scalable web, mobile, and server-side programs

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Customizable to the bone

MojoJS was designed to be plugin-based to the core, allowing you to customize every part of it. Write code once that works on many platforms including web, server, and mobile. Build rich applications that give your user base the best experience possible.


Everything's a plugin - the views, models, template engine, router. This allows you to pick whatever part of the framework you like, and leave the rest. This also means that Mojo works with just about any JavaScript library. Easily incorporate Mojo into your pre-existing web, mobile, or NodeJS application.


You'll appreciate Mojo's straight-forward, non-opinionated API. Mojo encourages certain design principles, but doesn't lock you into building applications a certain way. Easily build applications however you want to.


Mojo's modular nature makes it incredibly easy to write effective tests for your application. You can even write tests that run in NodeJS, allowing you to incorporate TDD, and BDD more easily into your development process.


MojoJS uses some pretty slick techniques to ensure that whatever you write performs well, including the older stuff such as IE 8+.